Pharmacist Raises Concerns Over Prescription Changes

April 28, 2023 9:24 am in by

An Eyre Peninsula pharmacist has raised concerns over planned two-for-one prescription changes.


The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme changes will allow millions of Australians to buy two months’ worth of medicine for the price of a single prescription, halving costs for patients, but also cutting pharmacists government subsidies for dispensing medicine.

Pharmacist with Priceline Pharmacy Port Lincoln, Jack Ramsey, says there certainly are some positives in regard to convenience, but there will be a large amount of money taken out of community pharmacies.

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“The biggest concern we have is without that constant revenue stream we’re concerned about aged care facilities, how we’re going to be able to maintain our services there, and a lot of our non-funded health projects that we run in conjunction with our GP clinics around the town,” he said.

 Image by Pexels from Pixabay