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Listen to Magic 89.9's Morning Mashup between 7:30 and 8:00am when we play the Port Lincoln Fresh Fruit & Veg Secret Sound!

The prize money starts at $100 and will jackpot $5 per day (Monday to Friday) until the Secret Sound is guessed correctly.

When you hear the sound call 8682 4899 to have your guess and possibly win the cash!

16-5-2018 - $135 won by correctly guessing "Polaroid Camera Photo Capture"

21-06-2019 - Congratulations Sarah! $1410 won by correctly guessing 'Paper Scraping Concrete Floor'

08-08-2019  - Congratulations to Kris! Winning $250 for guessing 'Shaking a Box of Jigsaw Puzzles'

JACKPOT NOW AT $350 (21/10/19)

Incorrect guesses so far:

Sitting into an Outdoor Chair

Twisting bubble wrap

Opening a soft drink bottle 

Peeling the label from a soft drink bottle

Compacting rubbish in a bin

Dropping the needle on a record

squashing a styrofoam cup

Crushing a beer can with your foot

Flicking through a phone book

Crunching a chip packet

Stepping on plastic bottle

Scrunching paper in hands

Swinging in chair

Stanley Knife cutting through bubble wrap 

Sitting on a Whoopy Cushion

Squishing Plastic

The end roll of a Sticky Tape

Sitting on a leather seat

Stomping gum boots on deflated ball

Slime into container

Bark off Tree

Squashing Bubble Wrap

Crushing a Box

Breaking Block of Chocolate

Treading on a Can

Opening a can

Twisting a Plastic bottle

Squashing a Plastic Bottle

Squashing a Can

Stepping on a watering can

Crushing a plastic bottle

Opening a soft drink

Stepping on Bubble Wrap

Stepping on a Soft Drink Can

Squashing Fruit

Stepping on a Coffee cup

Stepping on Plastic

Pepper Grinder

Soda Stream Machine

Soft Drink can - Flicking lid off