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Listen to Magic 89.9's Morning Mashup between 7:30 and 8:00am when we play the Port Lincoln Fresh Fruit & Veg Secret Sound!

The prize money starts at $100 and will jackpot $5 per day (Monday to Friday) until the Secret Sound is guessed correctly.

When you hear the sound call 8682 4899 to have your guess and possibly win the cash!

16-5-2018 - $135 won by correctly guessing "Polaroid Camera Photo Capture"

21-06-2019 - Congratulations Sarah! $1410 won by correctly guessing 'Paper Scraping Concrete Floor'

08-08-2019  - Congratulations to Kris! Winning $250 for guessing 'Shaking a Box of Jigsaw Puzzles'

20-12-2019 - Congratulations to Pam! Winning $535 for guessing 'Squashing a Small Milk Carton'

02-03-2020 - Congratulations to Tyler! Winning $275 for guessing 'Spray Bottle'

JACKPOT NOW AT $165 (02/04/2020)

Incorrect guesses so far: 

Shovelling Gravel 

Trail going over concrete 

Pushing cardboard box across concrete

Blowing an Air Gun

Fire Extinguisher 

Milk Steamer from Coffee Machine

Pulling off Velcro

Ripping Paper

Ripping off Glad Wrap

Blowing Nose

Mixing Concrete

Deoderant Spray

Tearing breaking paper

Scraping a BBQ Grill

Starting a car