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Listen to Magic 89.9's Morning Mashup with Simmo between 7:30 and 8:00am when we play the Port Lincoln Fresh Fruit & Veg Secret Sound!

The prize money starts at $100 and will jackpot $5 per day (Monday to Friday) until the Secret Sound is guessed correctly.

When you hear the sound call 8682 4899 to have your guess and possibly win the cash!

20-4-2018 - Congratulations Skip! Winning $510 by correctly guessing "wirecutters"

2-5-2018 - Congratulations to Melinda $125 by correctly guessing "Rice pouring into saucepan"

16-5-2018 - $135 won by correctly guessing "Polaroid Camera Photo Capture"

JACKPOT NOW AT $620 (19/10/18)

Incorrect guesses so far:

Shower leaking
Door creak
Dog scratching a door
Ripping Paper
Applying a spread on toast
Steal Wool
Stepping on Gravel
Rolling Marbles
Scooping Coffee Beans
Rice in a Saucepan
Trow levelling cement
Folding up a Tarpolan
Vertical Blinds moving
Sipping a hot drink through a biscuit
Tearing paper
Ice Skates
Push lawn-mower
Waves lapping
Gravel being trod on
Coffee Beans into a Machine Hopper
Scraping ice out of freezer
Shredding Julienne Salad
Pouring cereal into bowl
Packaging tape
Scooping from bulk bins
Crunching baking paper
Pouring cereal into a bowl
Cutting open a letter
Scooping ice out of a bucket
Turning a newspaper page
Ripping out a newspaper page
Alfoil being pulled
Velcro splitting
Newspaper cleaning BBQ
Peeling Banana
Ripping newspaper packaging
Fridge lining tearing off
Tearing Newspaper

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