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Listen to Magic 89.9's Morning Mashup between 7:30 and 8:00am when we play the Port Lincoln Fresh Fruit & Veg Secret Sound!

The prize money starts at $100 and will jackpot $5 per day (Monday to Friday) until the Secret Sound is guessed correctly.

When you hear the sound call 8682 4899 to have your guess and possibly win the cash!

20-4-2018 - Congratulations Skip! Winning $510 by correctly guessing "wirecutters"

2-5-2018 - Congratulations to Melinda $125 by correctly guessing "Rice pouring into saucepan"

16-5-2018 - $135 won by correctly guessing "Polaroid Camera Photo Capture"

JACKPOT NOW AT $1215 (24/04/19)

Incorrect guesses so far:

Shower leaking
Door creak
Dog scratching a door
Ripping Paper
Applying a spread on toast
Steal Wool
Stepping on Gravel
Rolling Marbles 
Scooping Coffee Beans
Rice in a Saucepan
Trow levelling cement
Folding up a Tarpolan
Vertical Blinds moving
Sipping a hot drink through a biscuit
Tearing paper
Ice Skates
Push lawn-mower
Waves lapping
Gravel being trod on
Coffee Beans into a Machine Hopper
Scraping ice out of freezer
Shredding Julienne Salad
Pouring cereal into bowl
Packaging tape
Scooping from bulk bins
Crunching baking paper
Pouring cereal into a bowl
Cutting open a letter
Scooping ice out of a bucket
Turning a newspaper page
Ripping out a newspaper page
Alfoil being pulled
Velcro splitting
Newspaper cleaning BBQ
Peeling Banana
Ripping newspaper packaging
Fridge lining tearing off
Tearing Newspaper
Alfoil tearing
Baking paper being pulled
Scrunching newspaper
Cleaning out fireplace
Alfoil brushing against breadboard
Crinkling baking paper
Cleaning the BBQ
Freezer opening
Chisseling Ice
Opening a Chillibin
Wrapping Paper crinkling
3D Sketch Pad Shaking
Whipping out the Christmas tree
Cracking open a stubbie
Ripping sticky tape off card
Tearing paper
Opening Peanut Butter Jar.
Ice shuffling around in esky
Ripping into some fish n chips
Coals moving under old school BBQ
Paper printing from copy machine
Paper being scanned
Paper being crinkled
Newspaper being torn
Paper being shredded
Scrunching paper
Sifting through Lego
Tearing off baking paper

Paper guillotine

crunching up a biscuit tray

waves washing up on shore

opening cereal

Shaking gravel in a bottle

Opening a ream of Paper

Unwrapping a parcel

Ripping pages out of a magazine

wrapping something with cellophane

Panning for gold

Blowing up a paper bag

Using packing tape

Crushing chips in a bowl

Flicking through paperwork

Playing with a Kaleidoscope

Aerating a ream of paper

Getting coins off a table

Tearing paper

Tearing butchers paper off a roll

Knife opening an envelope 

shoveling gravel


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