The prize money starts at $100 and will jackpot $5 per day (Monday to Friday) until the noise is guessed correctly.

When you hear the sound call 8682 4899 to have your guess and possibly win the cash!


Jackpot: $365.

Incorrect guesses:
Striking a match, a hole puncher, a basic stapler, the crunch of biting into an apple, cassette tapes, crushing a capsicum, a photocopier, a traditional whiteboard, and a Polaroid camera, self-inking stamp, door lock, flicking a light switch and a microwave, putting flowers in a vase, crushing a can, opening a can, cracking a can open.

11th September 2023 WINNER: Rory SCORING $690

ANSWER: Putting a pin into a pin up board.

Incorrect guesses: Cutting Styrofoam, Cutting a carrot in half, Cutting Cardboard,  Shutting a suitcase with latches, Opening a Box of Water, Cutting into an Apple, Cutting Celery, Cutting a Carrot, Cutting Glass, Snapping a book together, kicking a soccer ball, stapling, cutting paper with a guillotine, cutting straws, stamping a stamp, cutting a cucumber, hole puncher, cutting rock melon, cutting a kiwi fruit, crushing garlic, cutting paper with scissors, cutting ice, cutting into tin foil, cutting fabric with fabric scissors, cutting an apple with an apple cutter, shutting a drawer, sucking a Lolly pop, cutting something on a chopping board, cutting vegetables, sticky tape ripping off cardboard, cutting cardboard, sharpening a knife, stamping a stamp, cutting an onion, pumping up a balloon, chopping wood, hole puncher on a piece of paper, using a ruler and pen, using a ruler and pencil, stapling a stapler, putting a cup, Velcro, Highlighting something, tearing up paper, putting a cassette into a cassette player, moving a mouse on a mouse pad, cutting a lettuce and cutting paper, putting a microphone sock on a microphone, Photocopying, whipping my microphone, opening up a paper tray from a printer and putting it back in, opening an umbrella, sharpening a pencil, using a laminating machine, closing a microwave, smashing kinetic sand, moving an office chair, opening a pen lid, lowering a gas lift chair, Velcro opening, using a toaster, dragging something into a computer bin, pulling a stick, closing a laptop, self-inking stamp, closing an iPad case, using a sticky tape dispenser, coring an apple, slamming paper on a table, clipping a bulldog clip onto paper, ripple a deck of cards, tearing sticky notes of stick notes pad.


ANSWER: Peeling a Mandarin

Incorrect guesses: Opening a bag of chips,  popping icecubes out of a tray, pulling tape off a cardboard box, crunching up foil, popping bubble wrap, pouring a bag of chips into a bowl, twisting a balloon animal, closing a drink, dropping rocks ontop of more rocks, sucking something up with a vacuum cleaner, hail on a tin roof, sprinkler shooting out water, shuffling a deck of cards, Velcro ripping, flipping through book, crushing  dead leaves in your hand, flicking a deck of cards, pepper grinder, wringing out bubble wrap, biting an apple, ripping a cardboard flap off, Breaking a weetbix in half, letting go of a blown up balloon, flicking a ream of paper, slurping a frozen drink, claws scratching the carpet,  a sparkler crackling, ice falling from a fridge ice dispenser, sizzling an egg on a frypan, pulling masking tape off a roll, a whoopy cushion, rubbing a balloon on your arm, biting into a stick of celery, breaking up a lettuce, biting into a piece of watermelon, biting into an apple, chopping a cabbage, crushing an egg, peeling bark off a tree, stepping on bark, walking on gravel, stepping on snow, opening a bag of carrots, pouring cereal into a bowl, breaking up lettuce, pulling a sleeve of Tim Tams out of the packet, card shuffle, pouring pumpkin seeds into a bowl, stepping on hail stones, pulling tape of a dispenser, pulling a bin against the pavement, breaking celery off celery, pressing the keyboard really hard, flicking pages in a book, bitting into celery, twisting baby cos lettuce leaves off the baby cos lettuce, cutting up cabbage, snapping a celery stick, salt and pepper grinder, cutting up lettuce,  stepping on celery, taking the string out of celery, grated carrots, bitting into an apple, crunched up alfoil and making it flat, pulling lettuce apart, cutting into capsicum, cutting lettuce, radio static, playing with baking paper, pouring water onto different temps, pulling paper out of wire bound book, pulling a tray of Tim Tams out of the Packet, Flicking through Money, flicking through book pages, plastic chain getting dropped on the counter, unraveling a block of chocolate, slurping on a smoothie, opening a punnet of strawberries, making a smoothie, slurping a strawberry smoothie, cutting a deck of cards, flicking through post it notes, ripping cabage off, pulling your finger through wet sand, cracking icecubes, vitamins in a container, opening a yoghurt container, bitting into a stick of celery, cutting into an apple, peeling masking tape off a gun, opening a packet of mini cucumbers, opening a packet of cherry tomatos, starting a blender, ripping fabric, opening a bag of apples, opening a bag of potatoes, opening a punnet of rasberries, hedge trimmer, ripping velcro, putting juice into a smoothie, ripping off a plastic bag, opening up a packet a bluberries, opening a punnet of strawberries, breaking a cucumber in half.


ANSWER: Sliding your foot into a slipper

Incorrect Guesses: taking a book off a shelf, sliding a rug over a carpet, flipping a beanbag upside down, flipping records in a jukebox, pouring sand into a bucket, Pulling a seatbelt, rubbing  your hand against a teeshirt, pulling on a sock, sweeping with a dust pan, opening a fridge, shaking a bag, taking money out of a wallet, wiping a cloth on a bench, brushing a horse, ripping some paper, wiping something off a leather couch, digging sand with a shovel, cutting a watermelon, pulling on a teeshirt, box sliding on something, pulling a tissue out of a box, moving a beanbag, watering a plant, writing on paper with a lead pencil, ripping tape off a box, peeling a vege, guillotine cutting paper, shovel going into gravel, sliding a screen door, sniffing, shovelling sand, breathing in though your nose, pulling a tissue out of a tissue box, a sneeze,  stepping on grass when it’s a frost, wiping sand off of something, sliding your fly up, pouring cornflakes out of the box, jumping into a pile of leaves, using a hay fever spray, pulling up an umbrella, tipping out a bucket full of ash, using a pepper grinder, wiping frost off of something, garden sprinkler, door sliding shut, sliding a bag of flour along a kitchen bench, slipping/putting your foot into an ugboot, slipping/putting your foot into a gumboot, slipping off a gumboot, slipping your foot into a boot, taking a pair of wellies off, putting on a rain jacket, slipping your foot into a wet suit boot, sliding your foot into a wet gumboot, sliding your foot into a thong, pulling on or off a workboot



Answer Taking a credit card out of a leather wallet

Incorrect guesses: sharpening a knife, pulling a curtain, sanding a piece of wood, tearing a piece of paper, cutting raw chicken, someone using a flyswatter, shaking open a bag, pulling velcro off a shoe, opening an envelope,  scissors cutting paper, cutting paper with a guillotine, flicking a stack of paper,  opening a plastic garbage bag, sliding a glass window across to shut it, shaking a box of cereal, opening or closing a drawer, sliding a leather belt, reclining a leather chair, throwing a baseball, handballing a footy, doing up a belt, ripping leather, ripping leather from a shoe, wiping down a leather couch, cutting leather,  tearing off a cricket tag, scraping a leather boot on the ground,  rubbing leather gloves together, sliding a saddle off a horse, cutting a hole into a leather belt, pulling a leather belt out of jeans, using a horse whip, polishing a leather boot, pulling leather gloves off, sharpening a razer, sliding off a leather couch, taking cash out of a wallet, scuffing a leather boot, taking off a leather boot


WINNER: $190

Answer: Dog drinking out of a bowl

Incorrect guesses: squeaky drawer, water draining, automatic hand sanitiser, wringing a sponge, fish tank filter, blind pulley, blowing bubbles, rinsing with mouthwash, squirting a bottle, coffee machine, pouring water, draining, toilet filling or draining, bubble machine, frying, any sort of draining, gargling, slurping coffee, sodastream, bubbles, coffee machine, bubbling water, pouring water into a jug/bucket, bathtub, anything to do with a bathtub or shower, the ocean, filling a bucket, spa, bath, blowing through a straw, drinking from a founatin, filling a bucket



Answer: height adjustment lever on a lawn mower 

Incorrect guesses: growling animal, newspaper, guillotine, jar sliding off bench, knife sharpener, manual credit card swiper, hole punch, pizza cutter, sliding door, pestle and mortar, box cutter, scissors, writing/drawing, linien, cutting carpet, cryvac, slicing an apple, cutting material, flipping through a book, tearing a parcel, letter opener, guillotine, knife block, knife case, drawing a line to be cut, secateurs, starting a chainsaw, shovel into dirt, plugging in a battery, taking the sheath off a chainsaw, closing scissors, unsheething a hedge trimmer, using a grafting tool, striking a match on a box, tree planter, cutting something with a stanley knife, tree loppers, serrated knife sharpener, slicing something with a grater, cutting wood with a chainsaw, using a concrete trowel, potato slicer, extendable hedge trimmer, an electric edger. Pull starting a lawnmower, adjusting the revs of a lawnmower, a knife against a breadboard, pull starting a wipper snipper, cutting tape from a box, sharpening an axe,  sharpening a gardening tool, loading a spool of line into a whipper snipper, closing a set of bypass shears, sheathing a hedge trimmer


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