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Name That Noise

The prize money starts at $100 and will jackpot $5 per day (Monday to Friday) until the noise is guessed correctly.

When you hear the sound call 8682 4899 to have your guess and possibly win the cash!




ANSWER: Sliding your foot into a slipper

 Incorrect Guesses: taking a book off a shelf, sliding a rug over a carpet, flipping a beanbag upside down, flipping records in a jukebox, pouring sand into a bucket, Pulling a seatbelt, rubbing  your hand against a teeshirt, pulling on a sock, sweeping with a dust pan, opening a fridge, shaking a bag, taking money out of a wallet, wiping a cloth on a bench, brushing a horse, ripping some paper, wiping something off a leather couch, digging sand with a shovel, cutting a watermelon, pulling on a teeshirt, box sliding on something, pulling a tissue out of a box, moving a beanbag, watering a plant, writing on paper with a lead pencil, ripping tape off a box, peeling a vege, guillotine cutting paper, shovel going into gravel, sliding a screen door, sniffing, shovelling sand, breathing in though your nose, pulling a tissue out of a tissue box, a sneeze,  stepping on grass when it's a frost, wiping sand off of something, sliding your fly up, pouring cornflakes out of the box, jumping into a pile of leaves, using a hay fever spray, pulling up an umbrella, tipping out a bucket full of ash, using a pepper grinder, wiping frost off of something, garden sprinkler, door sliding shut, sliding a bag of flour along a kitchen bench, slipping/putting your foot into an ugboot, slipping/putting your foot into a gumboot, slipping off a gumboot, slipping your foot into a boot, taking a pair of wellies off, putting on a rain jacket, slipping your foot into a wet suit boot, sliding your foot into a wet gumboot, sliding your foot into a thong, pulling on or off a workboot






Answer Taking a credit card out of a leather wallet

INCORRECT GUESSES: Sharpening a knife, pulling a curtain, Sanding a piece of wood, tearing a piece of paper, CUTTING RAW CHICKEN, SOMEONE USING A FLYSWATTER, SHAKING OPEN A BAG, PULLING VELCRO OFF A SHOE, OPENING AN ENVELOPE,  SCISSORS CUTTING PAPER, CUTTING PAPER WITH A GUILLOTINE, FLICKING A STACK OF PAPER,  OPENING A PLASTIC GARBAGE BAG, SLIDING A GLASS WINDOW ACROSS TO SHUT IT, Shaking a box of cereal, OPENING OR CLOSING A DRAWER, sliding a leather belt, Reclining a leather chair, throwing a baseball, handballing a footy, doing up a belt, ripping leather, ripping leather from a shoe, wiping down a leather couch, cutting leather,  tearing off a cricket tag, scraping a leather boot on the ground,  rubbing leather gloves together, sliding a saddle off a horse, cutting a hole into a leather belt, pulling a leather belt out of jeans, using a horse whip, Polishing a leather boot, pulling leather gloves off, sharpening a razer, sliding off a leather couch, taking cash out of a wallet, Scuffing a leather boot, taking off a leather boot 


winner: $190

Answer: Dog drinking out of a bowl

INCORRECT GUESSES: squeaky drawer, water draining, automatic hand sanitiser, WRINGING A SPONGE, FISH TANK FILTER, blind pulley, blowing bubbles, rinsing with mouthwash, squirting a bottle, coffee machine, pouring water, draining, toilet filling or draining, bubble machine, frying, any sort of draining, gargling, slurping coffee, sodastream, bubbles, coffee machine, bubbling water, pouring water into a jug/bucket, bathtub, anything to do with a bathtub or shower, the ocean, filling a bucket, spa, bath, blowing through a straw, drinking from a founatin, filling a bucket




WINNER: Kerry - $300!

ANSWER: Height Adjustment Lever on a Lawn Mower 

INCORRECT GUESSES: growling animal, newspaper, guillotine, jar sliding off bench, knife sharpener, manual credit card swiper, hole punch, pizza cutter, sliding door, pestle and mortar, box cutter, scissors, writing/drawing, linien, cutting carpet, cryvac, slicing an apple, cutting material, flipping through a book, tearing a parcel, letter opener, guillotine, knife block, knife case, drawing a line to be cut, secateurs, starting a chainsaw, shovel into dirt, pLUGGING IN A BATTERY, tAKING THE SHEATH OFF A CHAINSAW, closing sCissors, unsheething a hedge trimmer, using a grafting tool, striking a match on a box, Tree planter, Cutting something with a Stanley knife, Tree loppers, serrated knife sharpener, slicing something with a grater, cutting wood with a chainsaw, using a concrete trowel, potato slicer, extendable hedge trimmer, AN ELECTRIC EDGER. PULL STARTING A LAWNMOWER, adjusting the revs of a lawnmower, a knife against a breadboard, PULL STARTING A WIPPER SNIPPER, CUTTING TAPE FROM A BOX, SHARPENING AN aXE,  sHARPENING A GARDENING TOOL, loading a spool of line into a whipper snipper, closing a set of bypass Shears, sheathing a hedge trimmer




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