Watch: Adele Interrupts Show to Protect Fan from Security

August 28, 2023 9:23 am in by
Image: Twitter @popbase

Adele, the people’s champion, is back at it again!

During her residency in Las Vegas, she spotted someone in the crowd who was bothered by security, and it annoyed her so much that she paused her performance of Water Under The Bridge to address the situation.

In a fan-captured video, she looked furious as she grabbed her microphone and marched towards the front of the stage.

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From the clip, it’s clear that the fan had been dealing with security and others around him for some time. We don’t know the exact details of what was happening in the crowd (maybe he was being a jerk, who knows!?), but one thing was certain – Adele was not going to let security ruin his night.

In her typical badass fashion, Adele called out to the security, “Can you leave him alone, please?” She confidently walked back to her mark on stage and said, “They won’t bother you again now, darling. You enjoy the show. Leave him alone.” The crowd erupted with cheers.

Apologising to the audience, Adele addressed the situation, “Sorry, guys, he’s been bothered the whole show by security and other people sitting behind him. He’s here to have fun. All of you are here to have fun.”

Adele has had enough of fans disrespecting performers during shows and has delivered stern warnings to her Vegas attendees. In July, she witnessed several incidents where objects were thrown at artists like Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini, and Pink. Adele, not one to hold back, had a strong message for her fans, “Have you noticed how people are forgetting show etiquette lately? Throwing stuff on stage? Have you seen them?”

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She then issued a daring warning, “I dare you to throw something at me, and I’ll kill you!” Armed with a T-shirt gun, she playfully fired it into the audience, adding a hilarious twist to the situation. “Stop throwing things at the artist when you can shoot things to people,” Adele exclaimed, bursting into laughter.

One thing is for certain, Adele is not someone you mess with!

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