Mother Lands Council Fine for Using Her Own Driveway!

December 20, 2023 9:26 am in by

In an unexpected twist to suburban life, a Gold Coast mum got a chuckle, a gasp, and a healthy dose of disbelief when she found a near-$200 fine in her mail – for parking in her own driveway!

Megan Pass, a mother-of-three, and an unsuspecting victim of a little-known law, found herself in hot water with the Gold Coast City Council. The reason? A part of her driveway is technically council land, and parking her car on it seemed to be the council’s equivalent of a cardinal sin.

“I’ve got this lovely souvenir from the Gold Coast City Council for parking in my own driveway – imagine that!” Megan told 7 NEWS, her voice a mix of shock and mirth. “Totally bonkers! Everyone I’ve told can’t believe it!”

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Ms. Pass, one of many Gold Coast residents who park in their driveways, has lived in her home for seven years and never had this ‘parking predicament.’ Social media was ablaze with her story, with some calling it a “revenue-raising joke.”

The council’s website provides an explanation – albeit a confusing one. It differentiates between a homeowner’s driveway, ending at the property boundary, and a “vehicle crossing,” which covers the driveway section between the property boundary and the road. This vehicle crossing is council land – a detail not commonly known by homeowners.

Gold Coast Council mayor, Tom Tate, defended the law, stating this was a safety issue and part of local legislation. He reminded homeowners that they are only allowed to stop across the “vehicle crossing” for two minutes – just enough to pick up or drop off passengers, and no more.

Drivers, keep an eye on the clock and be ready to brush up on your ‘driveway laws.’ All in a day’s work, eh?