Tourists Sucking the "hidden gem" out of "HIDDEN gems"

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Social media is ruining wonderful hidden gems right across the world with tourists flocking to each destination creating humungous lines and sadly, ruining “the hidden gem” element.

One of our very own Aussie wonders Ayers Rock is one of the many sites around the world coping an overload of welcomed….unwelcomed tourists.

Uluru is due to be closed to tourists forever within the coming week as of the 25th October and this has drawn a CRAZY amount of tourists hearding to the sacred destination.

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Tourists, not wanting to miss their last chance to climb the rock are in a frenzy with between 300-500 people climbing the rock DAILY!

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Reports have said visitors are not just climbing the rock but are displaying a level of disrespect to the spiritual location…including, yep you guessed it… urinating and defecating on the rock! Seriously can ya not hold it? Yuck!

I bet the locals CAN NOT BLOODY WAIT for its close date so all the tourists can bugger off.

As much as we all bang on about tourism is great for the region and tourists are all welcome, which it is and they are, we as locals quietly hate having our local streets, hotspots and SECRET beaches flooded with tourists. Fact.

Let’s be real when you rock up to your fave beach which you like to call “your special/ secret spot” and you see even one person already there… you whisper under your breath “op bugger off! This is my spot, out of all the beaches you HAD to come here”   **eye roll**

Since we are so lucky to have sensational beaches here on the EP, you could almost say we’re beach snobs and aren’t overly fond of sharing them with tourists… and if you are cool with it…are you even really a local???

It’s the same all over the world, places that use to be secret or a peaceful destination have been totally ruined by social media exposing them.

People discover them and go there. It’s bittersweet.

When you want to take your standard tourist photo, you don’t want anyone in the background but now that’s becoming increasingly impossible.

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If tourists, which we all are at one point, continue to carry on the way that we do, some of the most iconic places in the world will be closed off due to overpopulation and literally destroying them, just like our famous Uluru.

It's now being encouraged that people that plan to head to their dream holiday destination to perhaps consider off-peak seasons to help take the pressure off, peak season. Plus you'll probably score yourself a cheaper deal anyway!

It’s sad. Great for the exposer and bringing dollars in but at the cost of the “special” and “hidden gem” completely and utterly sucked out of it.

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