Uncle Rushes To “Save” Niece From Kidnappers, Forgets Clothes

A UK man was left red-faced after dashing out of his home stark naked to chase a white van man he believed had abducted his niece - only to discover it was a false alarm.


Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Nude Nathan Murphy sprang into action after his family heard what they thought was 11-year-old Lucy screaming and a van screeching off.

The have-a-go hero was so fuelled with adrenaline that as he raced outside, his legs buckled as he tried to pull open the door of his dad's car to give chase.

But his panic turned to embarrassment when little Lucy walked past him to the front door - and dad-of-two Nathan, 29, realised nothing was amiss.

Nathan's dad, retired bricklayer Michael, 64, has now shared the hilarious CCTV footage of the incident on Facebook.

But, honestly, give this guy a medal (and some undies) because he will be regarded as a hero in a lot of people's eyes.