Lower Eyre Peninsula Monopoly Set

On the 12th of May, I suggested creating the most incredible, amazing and insane Monopoly set EVER... 

Finally, after 19 long days...

I'm proud to say...

It's done... 


So, to begin a Monopoly set, we obviously needed to figure out the locations that were up for sale. After you're help on Facebook, we got our 22 destinations:



Here are the locations (in order from GO) and their price:

Sheringa - $60

Mt Hope - $60 

Elliston - $100

Venus Bay - $100

Streaky Bay - $120

Port Neill - $140

Cleve - $140

Arno Bay - $160

Wudinna - $180

Lock - $180

Cummins - $200

Port Lincoln - $220

Port Lincoln Wharf - $220

Port Lincoln Airport - $240

Fisheries - $260 

Sleaford Bay - $260

Farm Beach - $280

Glen Forest - $300

North Shields - $300

Tumby Bay - $320

765-5CC - $350

Magic 89.9 - $400


This Monopoly set also includes 'Port Lincoln Prison' as Jail

Lincoln National Park, Coffin Bay National Park, Mt Greenly and Gawler Ranges National Park as the four stations to purchase. 


Here are the Eight Pieces to choose from.


Here are some of the Chance Cards you can pick up. 



"Your car gets bogged at the Sand Dunes. Pay $20 for a tow."

"Mayor of Port Lincoln, Brad Flaherty, gave you the keys to the city. Go to any unowned Red Space. (Collect $200 if you pass Go!)"

"A mate shouts you a beer at the pub! Stumble 3 places forward (Drink Responsibly)."

"You drove over a crop field and destroyed private property! Go directly to Port Lincoln Prison!"

"Your car broke down between Tumby Bay and Cummins with no phone service. Pay $50 to the Bank to borrow a farmers landline."

"You went for a swim in the foreshore and got attacked by a Great White Shark! Pay $80 to the Bank for Hospital Fees."


Here are some of the Community Cards you can pick up.


"Congratulations! You won 2nd place in the Tunarama Beach Bod competition! Collect $30 from the Bank."

"Riley read out your name on the Birthday Book! Collect $10 from each player for your birthday present!"

"Congratulations! Your horse came 1st at The Port Lincoln Races! Collect $50 from the Bank."

"You just caught the biggest fish in The Riviera Port Lincoln Tuna Classic! Collect $30 from the Bank."

"You just won a $50 from a scratchy you purchased at a Whyalla News Agency! Collect money from the Bank."

"Pay poor Tax of $20!"

"Advance to Go! (Collect $200)" 


Hope you liked this Monopoly set! Unfortunately due to copyright, I can't make this board a reality... (due to the fact that when the owners of Monopoly find out what I've created, they'll be super jealous)... 

Anyways, 'The Lower Eyre Peninsula' Monopoly Set' !!!