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Jason Derulo Knocks Teeth Out Eating Corn With Drill

Jason Derulo appears to have had an absolute nightmare while attempting to eat some corn on the cob using a drill.


Image via Tik Tok

By 'absolute nightmare', we mean he pulled his front teeth out trying to eat with a drill.

WARNING: This video contains GRAPHIC CONTENT, as well as a piece of utter stupidity.


You'd think it'd go without saying that you shouldn't attempt to eat corn on the cob from a moving drill, or any other power tool for that matter.

The idea seems to be that you use this questionable 'life hack' to eat the corn on the cob really quickly, by just putting the spinning corn to your mouth and letting the drill do the rest of the work. 


Image via Tik Tok

Let's hope he's got a decent dentist, because - rather predictably - he screamed in pain and pulled the power tool away to reveal that his two front teeth had been badly chipped.