Pink Gave Herself A Haircut After Drinking

There are certain rules to follow when intoxicated, like DON'T text or call your ex, or DON'T try and do a flip... it seems Pop Star, Pink, has found out the hard way about another thing NOT TO DO after drinking a little too much. 


Image Via Instagram/Pink

Yes, the 40-year-old pop star thought, while under the influence, that she'd be able to give herself a stylish, professional haircut. Yeah.. she thought wrong. 

She shows us the side of her head and reveals a big bare path to the camera where she clearly let the scissors get a bit too close to the scalp.

When I say "a bit too close", I mean 'too close'.

"What do you think?" she asks? "Is it a good look?"

Ummmm, Pink.... nice try, maybe next time, try and do it when you aren't under the influence.. 

And remember,

Drink Responsibly.