Ryan Reynolds Gives 86-Year-Old Born On Leap Day Her First Legal Drink

 An 86-year-old woman born on a leap day has been given her first ever legal drink - by none other than Ryan Reynolds, who treated her to a glass of his Aviation gin.


Image Via Aviation Gin

When you're born on a leap day, you only (technically) get to celebrate your birthday once every four years - especially as people insist on pretending you're only nine years old when you're actually well into your 30s. 

Well, in this case it's actually worked in one woman's favour, as the Deadpool Actor stepped in to provide her with her first legal drink on her '21st' birthday.


Image Via Aviation Gin

Arlene Manko was born in 1936, but as it was in a leap year, she's only just officially turning 21 - the legal drinking age in the United States.

"30,679 days I've waited to turn 21". 

"Following the rules and doing what you're told is important to me because that's what I was taught. You don't get in trouble when you do what you're told."

She then adds, "But I'm not an angel, so it's okay - I'm ready to party."


Image Via Aviation Gin

As Arlene takes her first sip of the gin, Reynolds finishes the vid with "Happy birthday, Arlene."

You check out the full video below: