Dog Almost Double Normal Weight After Gorging On Doritos

An unusually obese dog has been put on a diet by vets after tipping the scales at almost 10kg after scoffing bucket loads of cheese-flavoured Doritos.


 Image Credit: Storytrender

Pretty cool that they ended up getting a rad photoshoot with this fat puppy amongst her enemy though. 

Balloon-shaped Skylar weighs almost double to what an average Jack Russel should after her owners and their neighbours couldn't refuse Skylar's 'puppy-dog eyes' effect. 

The four-year-old hound will scoff anything in sight - including her owner's other dog's dinner - but has a special fondness for cheesy nachos.


 Image Credit: Storytrender

But after developing problems with her breathing, vets ordered this puppa to swap crisps for carrots - and owner Mandy Hannigan, 59, will be increasing the distance on their walkies. 

Her owner Mandy said "We were really concerned but thankfully she was alright. We know we need to be more active, but it's difficult because she doesn't like long walks."


 Image Credit: Storytrender

Skylar has now entered a slimming competition, Pet Fit Club, which is a six month diet and exercise challenge. 

But is Skylar a spirit animal or what?