Lil Nas X teases a collaboration with The Wiggles for his new track Rodeo

Soooo, this could be a thing...


Image Via DailyMail

Talk about me and breakfast radio being a good mashup... WHAT ABOUT THIS?! 

Lil Nas X has teased a collaboration with Australian children's group The Wiggles, THE ORIGINAL WIGGLES.

The 20-year-old rapper surprised fans by seemingly announcing a remix of his track Rodeo.


The photo he posted teasing something called a “Rodeo Remix” features the original Awesome Foursome – Murray, Jeff, Greg and Anthony.

But, unfortunately, this could all be a hoax... 


Bugger... Would be cool if they went ahead with this though! BUT, if the Wiggles don't work out, there's always a plan B,