Cole Sprouse’s ‘Big Daddy’ Reunion With Adam Sandler Is Such A Throwback

Two decades after starring alongside Adam Sandler in Big Daddy, Cole Sprouse is taking a walk down memory lane. Cole Sprouse’s Big Daddy reunion with Adam Sandler!!

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In 1999, Sandler played a man named Sonny who tried to impress his girlfriend by adopting a son in the film, who was played by both Cole Sprouse and his twin brother, Dylan. Hijinks ensued when the girlfriend ended up breaking up with Sandler's character, and the duo gave a heartwarming father-son performance on-screen.

Two decades later, the Riverdale star turned out to support his former co-star at the Los Angeles premiere of Sandler’s Uncut Gems on Wednesday, and the Billy Madison actor couldn't have been more over the moon to see his former co-star once again.

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the event, Sandler said, "Cole, is he here?! I can't wait to see him."

While he was understandably excited to reunite with his co-star, he quickly shut down any speculation about a potential Big Daddy sequel.

"I won't do that to him. He's doing fine," Sandler jokingly told the publication.

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Though it unfortunately sounds like a Big Daddy sequel won't be happening, I wouldn't be surprised if fans get to see these actors reuniting more as they support each other's future projects.