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‘Grinchmas’ Tree! Should we be Scared or Amazed?!


Grinch Tree 3

Photo Credit By Anusha J

A MUM has created a Grinch-themed tree which is so lifelike people have said it’s given them nightmares before Christmas.

Pulling out all the stops, the woman decided to give her decorations a festive flourish by taking inspiration from Dr Seuss' classic character 'The Grinch'.

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Photo by Stephanie via Facebook

She covered her huge tree in decorations and flashing lights - but the crowning glory is a life-size green Grinch wrapped around her tree.

She cleverly used Santa hats for feet and a Grinch mask for the face, adding in his signature hairy hands.

To finish it all off she covered her tree in red and green baubles and added a Grinch plate at the bottom of the trunk, nicknaming her creation ‘The Grinch Stole My Tree’.

YouTube Video by Danny Paul Hardman