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E.T. and Elliott reunite in a stunning ad that's like a Sequel to the movie

He didn't just phone home, he came home... to American TV... 


This Thanksgiving, E.T. did more than "phone home," he came home -- at least for America. The iconic extraterrestrial from Steven Spielberg's 1982 hit movie E.T. appeared in a new commercial. At over four minutes long, it's a lot like a super-short sequel to the Oscar-winning movie.

The film brings E.T. back to Earth, where he shows up at the home of his old pal Elliott, played by a now-grown Henry Thomas, 37 years after the two met in the film. "A lot has changed since you were here," Elliott says, and that's an understatement.

E.T. meets Elliott's family and learns about Earth's new technology, including a virtual-reality dinosaur game. Using a device of his own, E.T. shows his old pal an image of his own far-off family. And there are plenty of nods to the original film, including E.T. maintaining his love for Reese's Pieces, the flying bike scene, and Elliott's son wearing pyjamas that look like those his dad wore in E.T. The ending, while a bit sad, is a sweet completion of the "holidays are for reuniting with family" theme that runs through the ad.

Fans seem to think so, too. In 16 hours, the YouTube version of the ad had been watched more than 1.8 million times.