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Greta Thunberg, Time Traveller to save the World?

Greta Thunberg has done a lot for a 16-year-old. She’s known for standing up for her opinions on Climate Change, to becoming a Nobel Prize Nominee, to hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio. When I was 16, I was in my room playing Call of Duty, but back to Greta… 

A picture from University of Washington's archives has people joking that Greta Thunberg, teen climate activist, is a time-traveler here to "save us."

A photo taken 121 years ago has sparked a hilarious internet conspiracy theory that she is indeed a time-traveller who landed in 2019 to save the Earth.

Greta 1
Can you see the resemblance? 
Greta 2
Image via @JackSamStrange on Twitter 
So, is she here from the past to save the future? Well, maybe if Steven Spielberg wants to get the rights...