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Disney Plus - What you'll be watching

November 19th, It's a Tuesday - you'll want to take the rest of the year off.

Because that is the date Disney+ launches, and it turns out there is a BUNCH of stuff on the way.

From classics from the 00's to exclusive launch titles like the live action Lady and the Tramp. The Disney+ Twitter was the definition of 'Fire' When the list of EVERYTHING coming on day one for the service (Dead set, like 3 hours, and over 300 titles) to top it off, you can watch the twitter feed (Kinda) because Disney released a video to sum up the list - thing is, it will take you a bit of time... More than 3 hours.   Yep.



If you just wanted to hit the endless scroll (Like if you're at work) Check out the Twitter thread HERE (bewarned, it might be the longest Twitter thread of all time)


If you were just keen to have a small dose of what is on the cards, there are now TWO trailers for Lady and the Tramp