Wildlife Photographer Snaps Fishermen Oblivious To Massive Bear Behind Them


A couple of men fishing for Salmon in Alaska have been caught on camera completely oblivious to the massive bear threat right near them.

 That's right, two fishermen were caught on camera looking completely oblivious to this grizzly bear who was lurking several metres away from them.

The frightening photo was recently taken on a remote creek in Katmai National Park, Alaska, and reveals the young male bear looming behind them.

Hawthorne, 21, said he warned the fishermen — but only after he’d quickly snapped the bear.

The Montana-born photographer specialises in wildlife, landscape and action sports photography.

According to his website, “You simply can’t beat taking photos of a 600 pound (272kg) grizzly.”

He told a news agency that, luckily for the visitors, the bear was more interested in the salmon and didn’t appear interested in attacking them.