Instagram Is Changing The Way 'Blocking' Works


I'm sure we've all blocked at least one person on Instagram before right? Well now there will be changes to Instagram Blocking.

 Instagram have announced that they are changing the way blocking works. There is now an easier less painful way to block someone on Instagram.

As it currently functions, when you block someone, they can't search your or view any of your content.

There is now an additional feature that you can choose instead, called 'Restrict'.

Restrict lets you ‘restrict’ certain accounts so that:

  • Comments made by the restricted account can only be visible to them, and not to the recipient of it or any other user - unless it is first approved by the recipient.
  • Restricted users cannot see when you’re online
  • They can’t see if you’ve read their direct messages
  • Messages are redirected to the ‘message requests’ section
  • Most importantly - they WON’T know you’ve restricted their account at all.

Wondering how to enable this feature?

  • Swipe left on a comment and choose the feature option
  • Go to the profile of the account and choose the option from the drop down
  • or go to the privacy tab in settings and you’ll see the new option


At the end of the day, if you don’t want someone viewing your content because they make you uncomfortable and are bullying you, block them - your life will be a lot easier.