Eat Your Greens and Your Insects

Chingrit thot

If you’re willing to eat sushi on a regular basis, you might be more inclined to consider insects as a variable alternative and indulge in them without a horrid sense of absolute terror.

A new international study led by Victoria’s La Trobe University and the University of Pennsylvania has found that people who frequently consume sushi are more open to introducing edible insects into their diets.

The research, published online in the journal Food Quality and Preference, involved interviews with people from two countries: one group of 275 participants were from the United States and the other group of 201 individuals hailed from India.

In both countries, the frequency of sushi consumption – food that was commonly met with disgust when it was first introduced – was a significant and substantial predictor of insect acceptance.

The results showed that 82 per cent of American participants were willing to eat insects, while 43 per cent ate sushi often.