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Talbots Tunarama Tribute Song

Talbot has made a tribute song for Tunarama.New_Project.jpg

So while it sucks that Tunarama has been cancelled this year, hopefully Talbot's Tune can take away some of the sting.

Also, the organisers of Tunarama are welcome to use this song at the 2022 event. 

Anyway, here's Talbot's singing career and the Tunarama Tribute song making their debut on the Morning Mashup:

Possibly a film clip to come! But for now, here are the full lyrics:

Oh boy I sure can’t wait for the Tunarama

But I really hope that there isn’t any drama

They all toss fish, so let’s toss fish 

Throw a shrimp, a salmon and a tuna fish

Toss with me, throw with me, 

Miss tunarama, will you come home with me?