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The EP's Favourite Stove Top Burner

The reulsts are in!

After rigorous scientific study and extensive Facebook polling we have a clear winner for the EP's favourite stove top burner. stove_top_burner_with_FB.png

It was a hotly contest race to tbe the top burner. Each burner of course has it's own strengths and weaknesses but it didn't take long for a clear favourite to heat up a little faster than the others and rise to the top.


"Top left I can turn it right down..perfect simmer" - Jo-Anne

"Bottom left so I can burnt the sh!t out of everything I cook" - Nicole.
"Bottom right every time!" - Bea
In last place, with just 1 vote was Top Left. But taking out bronze in a close contest for second was Top Right. Clearly the top burners are at a pretty big disadvantage being so far away from the chef.
Getting the silver medal though is bottom right. Well known for it's easy access. 
But without a shadow of doubt the EP's favourite stove top burner is: BOTTOM LEFT!!! 

The_EPs_Favourite_Stove_Top_Burner.pngCongratualtions Bottom Left, you really are a hero among kitchen appliances.
More kitchen analysis coming soon on the Morning Mashup with Talbot.