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Movember with Jo from Mentally Fit EP

On the final day of Movember Talbot had a chat with Jo from Mentally Fit EP about local mental health services.

"Everyone gets under pressure at some point - it's what makes us human.  Obviously men are not exempt from that, but men often mask mental health issues with things like addiction, alcohol, drugs, work - these are all coping mechanisms for when life is too hard, but there's always something deeper going on" - Jo from Mentally Fit EP. 

Jo exaplined that there are tons of services ready to help everyone in the EP and an awesome resource to follow is Mentally Fit EP on Facebook. 


Movember chat with Jo from Mentally Fit EP:


Talbot also spoke with local legend Jamie Kidney about his and his brothers efforts to grow mo's and (possibly) more importantly raise funds for men's mental and physical health.  

 Movember chat with local legend Jamie Kidney: