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Chris Blowes Shark Attack Survivor - Book Launch

Many people will recognise the story of Chris Blowes. After a brutal shark attack Chris was given a slim chance of surviving, but against all the odds he managed to live (and even get back to surfing) and now he's ready to tell  his tale.  In his new book 'Caught Inside', Chris explains everythingn that happened to him that day, including the impact it had on all the rescuers that pulled together to help him make his miraculous survival. 


"From the moment the shark attacked him, Chris was in a race against tim. He should have died, but he didn't. Many divine elements came together that day - friend, surfers, paramedics, doctors and nurse, even the shark itself - an unlikely string of events that somehow led to Chris's survival from an event that should have surely killed him!"

On the Morning Mashup Talbot spoke to Chris about the shark attack and the upcoming book launch: 


More details about the book launch at: Chris Blowes Shark Attack Survivor Facebook.