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New Coins for Emergency Services

BC's been on the prowl for the newly released $100 notes (They're rare as hen's teeth), but in the quest to find them, discovered something possibly cooler. 

The Royal Australian Mint has launched a series of coloured $2 dollar coins with $125,000 of proceeds from their sale going to emergency services across the country.

 Royal Australian Mint General Manager, Mark Cartwright said,

“The Mint is immensely aware of the bravery and sacrifice that goes in to being a firefighter. Providing some financial benefit back to the firefighting community is a tangible way for us to assist these critical organisations to prepare for the summer ahead.”

He also noted the significance of releasing these coins.

“These coins serve as an everyday reminder of the ongoing commitment of our firefighters and emergency service personnel to protect our lives and property.”

“We should not forget that it was less than 12 months ago that large parts of Australia was on fire. Our firefighters – both career and voluntary – courageously combated the extreme conditions to keep us safe”.

“Australia’s 170,000 plus firefighters are revered for their bravery and dedication. From the cities to the outback, they protect us from danger and are always prepared to step up when needed” said Mr Cartwright.  

There are two types of coins, one set of unreleased, and one set of released coins, that you may find in your change one day.

If you wanted to get a jump on things, buy one here