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Aussie Bird Count wraps up this weekend

The Aussie Backyard Bird count is on now, so Ben caught up with Bob Green to chat about the count, and how you can get involved.

Given our plethora of national parks, and some pretty rare species that call the EP home, what better excuse to get out, and do some watching, and counting - in the name of science!


Get registered HERE (and you could win some pretty rad prizes too) and given the pretty phenominal numbers coming in already - data from the first 72 hours of BirdLife Australia’s Aussie Backyard Bird Count shows Australians are counting 25 per cent more birds per minute (BPM) than 2018 - what better excuse to get involved and help exceed last years numbers!

You can download the app though the Google play store or Apple app store and if you wanted to keep counting, be sure to hit the Birdata website