Riley's Favourites from "What's your Dog's Name?"


With over 100 comments, let's find out which ones were my favourite! 

I've chosen my Top 10 with the names I think are the most creative and well suit the dog!

(They're all the best because they're all so adorable)


Honourable Mentions:
Pepper - submitted by Raynathan Saunders
"Pepper, named after pepperoni"
Zues - submitted by Nathan Rynne
Just imagine, 'Zues, the Dog of Thunder'
Ronin Conan - submitted by TimTam Murray
"Ronin Conan. Named after 2 characters played by Jason Mamoa"
Paynta Petherick - submitted by Glenys Petherick
"Paynta Petherick..standard poodle"
Alright, here are my Top 10 favoruite Dog Names around the EP!

10. Crunchie - submitted by Melissa Chambers 


"This is crunchie, my French bulldog, in a guard dogs body" 


9. Teacup Tank - sbumitted by Lisa Hanson


A cup of Puppicino, please!


8. Bundy - Submitted by Hannah Maron


"This is Bundy. Named after the Bundy Rum Bear"


7. Bandit - submitted by Renee Treagus


"Bandit. All wet after a bath"


6. Shadow - submitted by Brian D Slape


"Her name is Shadow...follows me everywhere"


5. Doolin - submitted by Stacey Leech


"This is Doolin. She's named after one of my favourite places in Ireland"


4. Bear and Grylls - submitted by Carmen Foster


"Bear and Grylls. Bear is our Border Collie and Grylls is our Jack Russell x Staffy"


3. Hiccup - Submitted by Shannon Swansson



2. Ralf Stewart - Submitted by Marina Ellis


Home and Away, we've found your newest little actor!


1. Ziggy Star - submitted by Lisa Carr


"His birth certificate said his name was Morning Star. It was the same year that David Bowie died so I called him Ziggy Star....
Sometimes I wished I named him Warwick... because he has great football skills and natural mullet"


How good are these names! I loved all our submissions on our facebook page!