Seoul lights up to say thanks

Here's a night sky show with a difference, and it didn't involve fireworks!

The night sky in Seoul was lit up on July 4 to remind people to practice social distancing and to be safe during Covid-19.

Thing is, it wasn't fireworks that told the story, it was over 300 drones.

The drones took to the sky for 10-minutes above the Han River and they flew around creating images of people with face masks social distancing, a pair of hands being washed and more (there's even a thumbs up)!

It truly is spectacular!

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport were the ones who organised the display and the "thanks to you" with the love heart, is actually directed to all the frontline healthcare workers.

And get this, they didn't advertise the drones display as they wanted to surprise and spread cheer to all South Koreans, also they didn't want people gathering in crowds and forgetting their social distancing rules.


Port Lincoln city council, I hope you're taking note, because this would be fantastic to see over Boston Bay