Hamilton The Musical

It's been dubbed the biggest stage show in a generation, and has been 'on the circuit' since 2015 to utterly RAVE reviews, plus has picked up a bunch of awards.


It's been so well recieved, people would travel to the US to see it (after getting on the waiting list for tickets ).

It is slated to hit Sydney next year, which may still happen with tickets on sale in September. But in the mean time, if you wanted to watch the story of Alexander Hamilton - an immigrant from the West Indies who became George Washington's right-hand man during the Revolutionary War and was the new nation’s first Treasury Secretary, told with hip hop, jazz, blues and R&B (ikr toit.), you soon will be able to from the comfort of the couch.


Disney Plus is set to release in July 3rd, on their streaming service, and if you want a taste of what the hype is about - cop a squiz at the trailer below.