Karate Kid TV show coming to a streaming service

Back in 1984 a classic was born, the original Karate Kid.

It spawned a number a sequel’s a remake, and most recently a TV series.

The latter the TV show follows the life of the original movies “Bad guy” and bully Johnny Lawrence, as he begins to get his life back together and reopen the infamous Cobra Kai Dojo.

With two seasons now streaming on the YouTube Premium the show has been one of YouTubes original’s biggest successes.

Sadly YouTubes TV shows have not been as well recived as they had hoped, as such they are no longer making TV shows.

This doesn’t mean the end for the show called Cobra Kia, it seems like it may find a new home on a major streaming platform like Netflix or Hulu in the US.

If you’re a fan on the original Karate Kid, Cobra Kai is well worth checking out, You can even watch the first full episode right here.


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