Lego reinvents a classic

Do kids still play with Lego?? I’m sure they do, it’s been a staple of almost everyone’s childhood for the last 70 odd years.

Lego is resurrecting one of the best Lego sets of all time, called the “Black Sea Barracuda” It came out in the early 90s as part of a pirate collection.

The new set is a twist on the original; it’s now a shipwreck with an island and shark. It is now called, Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

This means your getting two sets in one, with it being a shipwreck on a island, but you can also make the classic 1990’s ship from the pieces as well

If you want to own this amazing 2,500+ Lego set, it was set you back almost 300 Australian dollars and wont be Available to April.

Building a pirate ship during self-isolation?? I think YES!

(No, your computer isn't broken, this video has no audio)