Rocket League and Forza Horizon bringing the goods

With the Teakle Auto Sprint coming to Port Lincoln very soon, what better excuse to get in the mood with a few racing games.

 Rocket League has unveiled their latest in game event Lucky Lanterns to celebrate the arrival of the lunar new year and Lantern festival with a new arena, paint, toppers and a goal explosion 


Forza Horizon  4 is also set to drop a new update following their new game mode launch - The Eliminator which will include a bunch of new cars in the multiplayer mode.

· Top Gear Track-Tor

· Mercedes Benz Unimog

· MINI X-Raid

· Hummer H1 Open Top

· Quartz Regalia D

· M12S Warthog CST

· Jeep Wrangler DD

· Funco F9

· Isha’s Off-Road Taxi

Plus following the inclusion of Toyota (FINALLY) there is another icon from the land of the rising sun, the 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex as a seasonal award.


"This extremely lightweight RWD sports car is a cult icon; perfectly balanced and highly moddable, the Trueno’s role in the popular Initial D anime and manga introduced a generation to Japanese motorsport culture. Toyota’s final rear-wheel Corolla before moving to a fully FWD system, the Trueno (aka the AE86) overperformed in every kind of racing there was, from rally to touring to, most of all, drifting. When the Trueno appeared in Keiichi Tsuchiya’s ”Pluspy” video, it cemented its legacy in the drifting world."