It's in the can!

With Christmas looming up quickly, you may be feeling a little anxious at the thought of making multiple courses for your friends and family on the big day.

The geniuses at tech company Game, have done it again and have you completely covered for Christmas lunch.

Introducing their Christmas Tinner, a complete 3-course meal, compacted in a can!

Already a popular option over the past few years, Game have this year expanded their Christmas Tinner range to now include vegetarian and vegan options.

The vegan one will include a chocolate cake with custard to start the layer, then vegan gravy, mushroom wellington, pigs in aubergine blankets, tofu and stuffing, alongside vegetables including squash, carrots, sprouts and broccoli, red cabbage, and parsnips, vegan cheese, olives and grapes, and vegan bacon.

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, maybe the veggie one will?

Packed with 12 layers of nut roast, cauliflower cheese, gingerbread pancakes, Toblerone, and potatoes, plus halloumi in there among the vegetables.

Would you give one of them a crack?