So how much does Google know about you?

Technology is amazing, Scary, but amazing.

It's surprisingly easy to see how much Google has figured out about you, or - how much you have given them!

Discretely placed under 'how your ads are personalised' Google will show you (if you have a Gmail Account) what it knows about you, to share with advertisers.

Mine is below, it's sort of there - ish.

BC Googlefu

Using your Search history it will make assumptions (even though mum always said it would make an ASS of U and ME)

Some, are scary accurate, like this

Google Fu 2

'cause everyone wants to retire early, and I defs don't have ankle biters
google Fu 3

But others are questionable, I mean, sure, Bach's Lit but.. an interest?

Google Fu 4



How accurate is it for you?

Find out HERE