Dee Takes to the Kitchen to bake Pupcakes!


RSPCA Cupcake day is coming up on Monday 19th of August and Dee has decided to sign up to help fight animal cruelty!

Although I'm not much of a baker, I'm the biggest animal lover. Anyone that knows me knows I loooove dogs. In fact, I like them more than most humans if I'm being completely honest here haha understandably.

But I thought this would be a good opportunity to step up and raise money for a good cause. This is a cause that got me in the feels and I felt the urge to bring a bit of sugar and spice and everything nice into a world that can be at times rather gloomy. This month is also known as DOGust. I've only just discovered this but I've found a new love for the month this year. 

I've been baking a bit over the past couple of weeks to prepare for the sweetest morning tea the station ever did see. And to be honest baking certainly isn't one of my strengths, apparently, consistency is important when it comes to baking and I can tell you right now, a little bit of this and a little bit of that doesn't quite work well for a cupcake batter or icing like I had hoped. Turns out it's not like whipping together a mean stirfry with a bit of everything in there. Also, flour. Why? IT'S EVERYWHERE! Sorry Mum. 

Thank god for my little spotty friend following me around the kitchen while I destroy every appliance in the house and cleaning up as much as she can lick. 

cup cake day

Anyway, now that you have a mental image of what's happening in my kitchen this week, I'd like to turn our attention to WHY I'm doing this. RSPCA Cupcake day isn't just about making cupcakes and raising money for the RSPCA, it's actually about raising money for our local animal shelter.

So all the money I raise this month will be going to the Port Lincoln RSPCA Shelter which sadly doesn't have dogs BUT they do have plenty of other animals in need. Any money that you donate could be paying for a week's worth of antibiotics for a sick animal or help pay off the shelters vet bill, which we all know isn't cheap. 

When you donate, you're helping me help THEM! 

Now lets cut to the chase, on MONDAY 19TH I will have so many delicious sweet treats for you AND your POOCH (that's right I didn't forget about our beloved doggos) here at the station for you to come down and buy. 

(In case you don't know where we are, 4 Washington street Port Lincoln, behind the Pier Hotel)

So if you're free on Monday, by all means, please pop into the station, say hello and of course, drop a donation for a yummy pupcake! 

I shall call them 'Dee's Sweet Treats'....that's got a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Lets's go with that.

If you can't make it down, that's cool, you can simply drop a donation at my page! >>>>>

It would mean the absolute world to me by gaining your support. Remember every dollar counts, even if it's just 1.

Let's fight animal cruelty, support our local animal shelter AND eat as much sugar as we can together!

It's going to be a blast! 


With lots of Pats from Dee

:) x