EP Locals Take on Dry July

dry july rhianna

Good old Dry July, the perfect time to give yourself a perhaps well-needed detox and test your patients...or in some cases, testing your self-control in social environments; Who doesn't like kicking back with a bevy with your mates after a hard day of work right? 

But the thing about Dry July is that it's not just about your own health, you're actually supporting those who have been affected by cancer and giving you an even greater reason to persist and stick to a month of no alcohol, all for a good cause. Some might feel as though an incentive is the best motivation to give up the booze for a month! 

Now although we are half way through July it's not too late to sign up and raise some coin for those in need! By all means, give it a red hot crack for the remainder of the month! 


But if your not interested in signing up yourself, why not support those who ARE participating in a booze-free month! 

We have some local legends here on the EP raising money for Dry July and Rhianna Ford is one of those people!

She's taking this challenge on for herself and her mother. For some, Dry July can mean more than just not drinking, it can be a massive personal milestone, and that is something worth supporting right there!

So, why not show your support a sling and donation over to Rhianna Ford's Dry July page! 

Let's cheer her on and show her some encouragement, taking one for the team! 

Feel free to share and pass on it on!





(Disclaimer: We encourage the responsible use and consumption of alcohol! ;) )