It's Been 10 Minutes - Here's New Disney Live Action

Last week the internet was rocked by news of casting Halle Berry Bailey as Ariel in Disney's upcoming live-action remake of their animated classic, The Little Mermaid. I think a lot of us were taken aback by just how fast the Disney remake was chugging along - Dumbo and Aladdin earlier this year, The Lion King dropping in just a matter of days, and now Mermaid in the pipeline - little did we realise another had already been filmed.

Yep, it's Mulan time.

I consider myself pretty well accross what movies are in development and production but this came as a total shock. I actually thought it might be a fake trailer at first but, sure enough, that's Mulan and she's doing her thing.

Will you be in line to see this once the movie releases in 2020, or are you wondering where Eddie Murphy is like I am?

On the plus side, whatever your favourite Disney is, at this rate you're sure to see your favourite hit the big screen once more in the very near future. I can't wait for The Great Mouse Detective!