Bieber vs Cruise in the Octagon!

I suppose it was asking too much of 2019 to think we wouldn’t find ourselves in a situation where pop idol Justin Bieber has challenged Tom Cruise to a fight in the octagon, because that absolutely happened over the long weekend.



Ten years ago I might have expected this to be the other way around, with TC being the one to challenge the Biebs - and yet somehow this is even weirder. Is it all a PR stunt? Is Bieber just bored on a Sunday arvo? Why Tom Cruise of all people?


Cruise may be almost sixty years old, and I’m sure Justin Bieber hits the gym harder than I do, but there’s no way I’d challenge Cruise to a fight; the man ran up and down the world’s tallest building, strapped himself to the outside of a plane and performed a death spiral in a helicopter he’d just learned to fly, all because he thought it would look cool on film. Why would he hesitate to beat the living snot out of me after all he’s done?


Hopefully, should the two entertainment titans meet up in person, they take the opportunity to talk openly and peacefully resolve whatever beef they have. I don’t want to live in an episode of Black Mirror. The world is too crazy, too full of anger already for this sort of thing to keep on happening.

Perhaps Bieber should heed the advice of another big name in music, Limp Bizkit, and reflect on the lyrics of their absolutely awful cover of the Mission: Impossible theme, Take A Look Around: “I know why you wanna hate me… cuz hate is all the world has ever seen lately”.

True dat.

Octagon image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.