5 Things I'll Forget to Pack When I Move House


Moving Day

I have to move to another rental tomorrow and it's going to be horrible. The good news is I don't have a lot of stuff because I live pretty fast and loose, but that also says a lot about how rushed and lazy a job of it I'm going to do. My planned two carloads will probably turn into six as I inevitably keep forgetting little things I need - that's just what I'm like. Mark my words, if I actually owned a bed I'd probably forget to move that too.

Since I'm trying to be a better adult - and because I like to call my shots - here's a few things I'm fully expecting to forget in the move. (Please note, I'm sure I'll forget way more than dive things, but a list of five is quicker to write than a list of seventeen).

1. Moisturiser

There's no way this is coming with me. I have a bottle of moisturiser that I use after shaving, but because our bathroom sink space is so cluttered, I keep it out of the way in the cupboard underneath. All signs point to me forgetting to check the cupboard before I leave, and leaving it there. Maybe I'll just grow a beard instead.

2. Shopping Bags

If I can't even remember to take these with me when I got to the shops - ie. to sue them for their intended purpose - they have no chance. They're the only thing left in our otherwise empty pantry, and I reckon I'll just assume "oh, we cleaned the pantry alread" and leave them there. Enviornmentally friendly bags are only good for the environment when you reuse them, not buy more every time you do groceries.

3. Jackets

My bedroom has poor wardrobe space, so I hang all my blazers and the like in my housemate's walk-in. He'll definitely remind me to grab them, but will I ever get aroud to it? I'm not hopeful. A shame, because just last week I spent way too much on a blazer after trying it on, getting freindly with the shop assistant and only then asking how much it cost. I was in too deep by then and had to complete the purchase. It's lovely, but ouch! It'll be a shame to leave it behind.

4. Forks

Between us, my housemate and I only own about five forks. He had two when I moved in, and then over the following six months we've "aquired" three more from our respective workplaces. In short: losing just one fork would be devastating to our dinner arrangements, however by now you've gotten the jist of this article and you'll know a 1 in 5 chance is awfully high. Good thing Magic still has plenty of forks.

5. My Other Set of Car Keys

For some reason I have two sets. I thought this was because the remote/buzzer only works on one of the sets, but this turned out to be incorrect. I have two sets of fully functional car keys, so if anybody wants to steal my '04 Camry, they definitely can because I'm going to leave a set at my old place. There's no two ways about it.