James Corden's AMA Went Very Very Very Wrong

It's a standard play of modern digital marketing: get a popular celebrity to go on reddit to promote their newest endeavour, interact with fans in a candid Q&A with the promise of "Ask Me Anything", and generate some positive audience engagement.

Unfortunately for James Corden, this tactic doesn't work if you're not popular; the talk-show host recently took to reddit with his Carpool Karaoke team of producers to promote their upcoming "best-of" special, but was promptly savaged once the reddit community decided to literally ask him anything.


IMG 7373

Precious few questions were answered by the Carpool Karaoke production team - and even fewer were acknowledged by Corden himself, who has since deleted his Twitter post promoting the event - but that didn't stop people from asking the big questions.


IMG 7377 IMG 7372

In truth, most of the posts are far harsher than what we've listed here, but a good deal of tehm contain swear words that we won't publish here. People absolutely roasted Corden, his reputation, and talent.

  IMG 7374

IMG 7375

No doubt Corden's PR team have a lot of questions to ask of their own.


You can read the full AMA on reddit here.

Original James Corden image via Wikimedia Commons. Current James Corden image: tarnished.