Please Book My Car In For A Service

It needs to happen. The little sticker on my windshield says it needed to be done May 2nd and that was nearly three weeks ago. I could wait until I hit 157,500 kilometers, but I know I'm meant to bring it in for whichever comes sooner.

Why am I so bad at taking care of my car? I burst a tyre back in March and drove around on my spare for at least two weeks before I got it swapped. It took them half an hour and cost barely anything. It was easy, yet here we are procrastinating more car maintenance. I have to drive to Adelaide this weekend and, still, I haven't checked in to make sure my auto's fluids are topped up. My engine hates me, and my apologies mean nothing to it.

I know exactly where to take it, so that's not some hard choice I have to make, that fault is squarely on me. It's time to accept that I am not going to do it myself, so please book my car in to get serviced. It's an '04 Camry named Frank. This is not an abuse of my power.

Mechanic image courtesy of Flickr