Adelaide Teen 'Genius' Plastic Alternative using Prawn Shells

A teen has come up with an innovative solution to plastic waste.

Angelina, 17, from Adelaide has used prawn shells to create plastic that can decompose in landfill over an average of just 33 days.

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Image Via Daily Telegraph

“I’m still finalising the legal aspects like patenting for example, however I am at the stage where I have produced a final prototype and would be ready to manufacture the plastic to distribute it commercially,” she told

Her invention has earned her a BHP Science and Engineering Award and last year she was named the Australian Geographic Society’s Young Conservationist of the Year.

The plastic is not expensive to manufacture, unlike other biodegradable materials, and can be put towards a variety of uses.


Image via Supplied

The Adelaide teen said the plastic could be used for all sorts of packaging because it was transparent, flexible, durable and insoluble.

She developed the product by mixing an element from prawn shell with a protein from spider web. 

“Seafood is one of the last truly wild food sources we have left on the planet and the next generation will be the people most impacted by its decline, so it’s crucial that we act now and buy sustainable to change the trajectory.”

Great time to start eating more prawns :)