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Eyre and Far North Hospitals Receive Essential Equipment

Port Lincoln chemo chair 1

$50,000 dollars’ worth of healthcare equipment is being provided to Eyre and Far North Hospitals from the Hospital Research Foundation. 

Among the equipment, four specialised chemotherapy chairs will be provided to help cancer patients be more comfortable while receiving treatment.

The chairs will be located at Port Lincoln Hospital and will also help to upgrade the hospital’s accreditation for chemotherapy services.

The funding is part of a $300,000 state-wide commitment to South Australia’s country health network by the charity.

Other equipment funded by THRF includes a transducer probe for emergency heart scans at Port Lincoln, wheelchair powerpack, two exercise bikes, and iPads and digital cameras to improve efficiencies for local healthcare workers.

Eyre and Far North Local Health Network CEO Verity Paterson welcomed the funding and says they’re extremely grateful to receive this generous contribution from The Hospital Research Foundation and would like to thank them for their ongoing support,”

She said “This equipment will allow us to continue providing high-quality care to our local community for both now and into the future.”

THRF CEO Paul Flynn said the charity was proud to extend its support to all South Australian communities and public hospitals.

“With about 25% of South Australians living outside of Adelaide, it is incumbent of us to do all we can to help improve care and treatments for these regional communities.

“This equipment meets an immediate need within the Eyre and Far North region and helps patients access the latest healthcare at their local hospital.

“It also arms our frontline healthcare workers with the latest technology to make their jobs easier.”







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