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Port Lincoln Football League Successfully Return to The Field


Over the weekend the Lower Eyre Peninsulas saw the first round of the Port Lincoln football League return to the field with players and spectators excited to get the season underway.

Saturday saw Lincoln South take on Waybacks at Centenary Oval, with Waybacks taking home the first win of the season.

Bostons were a little disappointing losing to a very strong Marble Range outfit at Wangary Oval.

Port Lincoln Football League Football Operations Manager Quinn Dutschke says both games went really well with attendance probably one of the biggest home and away attendances on record.

While COVID-19 restrictions were in place, things were relatively normal.

 “Look there’s a couple of key things people would have noticed from the COVID-19 restrictions, spectators were unable to access the oval to join the players in the huddles at quarter time breaks and also change rooms were restricted to essential persons only, but besides that I think the clubs did a fantastic job at handling the restrictions.”