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Port Lincoln City Band Desperate Hunt for Rehearsal Space

port lincoln city band rehearse

Following COVD-19 restrictions and the closure of the ArtEyrea building that is due to see some renovations, the Port Lincoln City Band are on a desperate hunt for a venue to rehearse in.

The City Band are looking to rehearse in a venue big enough to cater for approximately 20 band members for rehearsals on Monday evenings, and are calling upon the community for help.

Port Lincoln City Band Valerie Staunton says since the pandemic hit, the band has been unable to rehearse all together for quite some time with the council not reopening their rehearsal venue anytime soon.

“Being separated from all our bandmates is a difficult thing because banding is great for our mental health, we’d like to be able to get back together and all rehearse as a full band so then we can move on and get back out and entertain the community as well.”

Valerie says they’ve been unable to practice with their drummer due to the difficulty of moving the drum kit around.

Anyone who may have or know of a space suited for the Port Lincoln Coty Band to rehearse in can contact The Port Lincoln City Band Via their Facebook Page.









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