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EPLGA GM Crop Survey Brings Positive Results

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Following the lift of the GM crops moratorium, the EPLGA released a survey to gauge the initial perspective of its farming community and saw a positive response.

Farmers were asked if they supported the lifting of the GM moratorium, and if they had any market advantage in staying GM free.

The June survey had almost 200 responses from agricultural businesses from across the Eyre Peninsula.

Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association President, Mayor Sam Telfer, said, “80% of surveyed farmers supported the State Parliament’s lifting of the GM crops moratorium.”

Telfer said ”Those in favour of the ban being lifted cited agronomic advantage, technological and trait development, and choice and flexibility for growers as some of the reasons for supporting, while those who were against the ban being lifted spoke about market disadvantage and contamination risks as some of their reasoning.”

Minister for Primary Industries Tim Whetstone has instructed councils across the State that they have until the end of September to provide any potential application for consideration of a GM ban continuing.







Image credit: Pexels