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Port Lincoln City Band FAME Awards Cancelled for 2020

FAME awards cancelled

It’s been announced the 2020 FAME awards have been cancelled.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Port Lincoln City Band have been unable to rehearse for the event together which was due to take place next month on July 24th.

While the decision wasn’t taken lightly the band continued to call for entries this year with the intentions to see the event go ahead however, social distancing restrictions at the time made it difficult for it to go forth.

Following the cancelation of the Fame awards, the Port Lincoln City Band’s major fundraiser, they will be planning other fundraising events to help them get through until 2021 where it is expected to see the show go ahead, bigger and better.

President of the Port Lincoln City Band, Valerie Staunton, said “Whilst we would like to push through and deliver the event this year, the restrictions, the unknowns and the lack of rehearsal time for the band, the dancers and the actors would affect the quality of the show. We like to deliver a high-quality performance so we will ensure that the extra time is used to ensure 2021 the greatest show ever”












Image credit: portlincolncityband