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Farmers Call for Job-Ready $1.8 Billion Package

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Farmers around the country are calling on the Federal Government to invest $1.8 billion on a job-ready package to help encourage a post-COVID recovery.

The proposal titled "Regional Horizons" outlines four priority areas, including:
- A National Climate Change and Agriculture Work Plan
- A Land and Environment Investment Fund
- A Regional Resilience Hub Network
- A Regional Energy Transition Program

Deputy Chair of Farmers for Climate Action, Charlie Prell, says it's a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create thousands of new jobs and kick-start regional economies.

“Farmers are adaptable they’ve proven that. They are also resilient they’ve also proven that. But farmers are experiencing the impacts of climate change right now, intense droughts, intense bushfires intense floods and extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, we’re hungry for information and all governments need to know we’re not in this fight alone, we need their support.” Said Prell.